The world today is changing rapidly and increasingly even more complex, students of political science and laws, therefore, must be educated to become new generations of students who can adapt to the changing world. The School of Political Science and Laws is seen to be a newly established school under Walailak University with our vision that involves “Strengthen and develop the school with integrity, keeping pace with changes, and reputable within the academic community.” Regarding the developing and strengthening the integrity, the School will focus on the operation of the Bureau itself. by seeking and developing quality faculty In addition to increasing the number of highly qualified professors and creating acceptable works, the office will be different from other universities in terms of practicality. In addition to the 8-month internship (co-op), the office has a mix of experienced faculty member accepted as a regular teacher We have a former governor. Former deputy governor, former ambassador, as an instructor, we have invited judges of the Supreme Court. judge in provincial court Judges from the Administrative Court and Prosecutors, as well as faculty members from prestigious universities from central areas, are teaching full-time subjects. will be able to better understand the world of practice


            students of the bureau will have to develop English language skills by learning from native-speaking teachers and qualified teachers of the Office themselves throughout the course of study which the understanding of language Especially English will help open the door to the world for students to explore knowledge from around the world. In addition to teaching Active Learning in accordance with the standard teaching from England. used by Walailak University It will encourage students and teachers to have learning activities together. It will surely build confidence for students to seek additional knowledge on their own. in order to be a quality graduate Knowledge of both theory and practice To be graduates with knowledge and abilities to be an important resource of the nation in the future


Professor Dr. Surasit Wachirakajorn

Dean of the School of Political Science and Law

Walailak University


October 14, 2019