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Bachelor of Laws Program in Legal Applications

Bachelor of Laws (Legal Applications)

 LL.B. (Legal Applications)

This programs is based on American Law school curriculum. Students will not only learning about Thai legal system but also a comparative study on American and European legal system which are critical for working as an international law scholar or international lawyer. Course will be taught by a Professors, lecturers, and visiting Professors who have an experience on working as international lawyer or international law legal advisor. Our visiting professors come from University of Maine School of Law, University of Southern Maine, Mississippi State University, and Xiamen University. Attendances will also benefit for an exchange program with University of Maine School of Law and Xiamen University. This course will be explore a fundamental legal system and focusing on critical thinking, research, and development of a legal concept that need for an interpretation of law. Students will not only study a concept of law but also understanding a role of social and technologies that driving a law. In order to understand the role of social impact and technology on law, students will have an opportunity for a field trip in other states yearly. This course offer an expertise on International Law or International Business Law which students can choose to take part in 3rd and 4th year of study.

This program is based on 2 Semester model for 4 years with 127 Credits. Students can choose to study in full English Program or Bilingual Program. The different for these two programs is happen in 2nd Those who chose English Program will study all subject in English only but those who chose Bilingual Program will study 2nd year in Thai language. Course will mainly use a smart classroom that all students can go back and review all the class.

Course will offer a place for a student who graduate from M6 or G12 from Thai’s high school or International School. GPA must equivalent to 2. 5. Those who not attend a class which mainly taught in English will require an English language proficiency test by Walailak University Language Centre.

Graduate can pursue their work as a License Lawyer, Legal Advisory, Law Professor, Para Legal or Legal Aid, Legal Analysis, Drafter, and those administration work.