Bachelor of Laws Program Improved Curriculum (B.E. 2563)

Course name

Bachelor of Laws


Bachelor of Laws

Philosophy / Objectives


The value of law graduates is their ability to use the law. To create justice for all levels of society and help society to be strong and progressive.

Therefore, studying law is not just the study of articles. But must have knowledge of the principles, concepts and intentions of various laws, as well as being able to link knowledge from other disciplines that can be used in law studies to be able to understand society in different and complex dimensions. And to help learn more about the law and the law. Comprehensive enforcement and access to facts in many cases.


1) To produce graduates with general knowledge and expertise in law and specialized legal knowledge. Which these laws affect the society and economy in today’s world. To provide graduates with knowledge and understanding of the law and to be able to apply their knowledge both academically and professionally.  To create graduates to be able to meet the needs of both the public and private sectors and be an important force in the organization, community, society and nation. To be in line with the economic context Political and social justice and support for timely entry into ASEAN.

2) To produce graduates who have knowledge and understanding of the basic principles and intentions of the provisions of the law. For graduates to understand and have appropriate interpretations on various legal issues under the situation and era by maintaining accuracy and fairness.

3) To produce graduates with legal knowledge who are legal experts. To create graduates who consider the importance of public interest and social responsibility. This course is designed to teach students both theory and practice. And provide opportunities for students to learn and carry out legal activities with the community.

4) To produce graduates who understand how to work with communities, play an important role in protecting juristic persons, communities, human rights and taking into account equal rights.

 Desirable graduate characteristics of the program

1 Knowledge of jurisprudence

2 Phadung Rat Justice

3 Steps to lead society


Career path

(1) Judge

(2) Public prosecutor

(3) Lawyer

 (4) Legal advisor

(5) Government officials, administrative staff police officer

(6) Teachers and researchers

(7) Lawyer at an international organization

Guidelines for further study

Able to pursue master’s and doctoral degree programs in bachelor’s degree programs or other fields in any institution both domestically and internationally


The tuition fee per semester is 12,700 baht

The tuition fee for the whole course is 152,400 baht.