Members of the Political Science Club Participate in Community Learning at the Natural Tie-Dyed Fabrics Group in Khiriwong

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“From discussion to practice, from acting to action.”

On August 13, 2022, the Political Science Club of the School of Political Science and Public Administration organized an activity titled “Constructing Relationships Among Political Science Club Leaders” by traveling to the Natural Tie-Dye Group in Ban Khiriwong, Kamlon Subdistrict, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province to learn how to make tie-dyed fabrics using natural dyes from tree bark.

In this light, the Political Science Club would like to thank Khun Aree Khunthon for presenting the visiting students with the villager’s expertise and insight. The wisdom of tie-dye materials has been passing down from generation to generation. It is also a way of life and culture that the community has traditionally embraced.

In addition to visiting the tie-dyeing community, members of the Political Science Club also visited and experienced the distinctive charm of Khiriwong Village by being exposed to rural lifestyle, appreciating the village’s air in the heart of the valley, and cooling the heat with cold water. Khiriwong is reputed to be the finest weather village in Thailand and a true example for the management of the ecotourism industry.