Tassana Nualsomsri's Study of Bird's Nest Housing in Thailand and Indonesia

April 26, 2021

Tassana Nualsomsri’s research project “State, Capitalism, People, and Environmental and Socio-Cultural Impacts: A Comparative Study of Bird’s Nest Housing Business in Thailand and Indonesia” was a groundbreaking study that looked at the bird’s nest industry from more than just an economic standpoint. The study topic originated from the current empirical phenomenon that there have been numerous instances of conflict and social tensions emerging from the building and operation of the Bird’s Nest housing company in Thailand over the past 10 years. These problems need more consideration and analysis than the economic ones.

The focus of this research was to look at the environmental and social-cultural aspects of the bird’s nest industry. Tassana conducted field research in a variety of locations, particularly in eastern and southern Thailand, which are the primary producers of bird nests. The data was then compared to the situation in Indonesia, which is the world’s leading producer and exporter of bird’s nests. This research believes that a thorough knowledge of the issue will offer a solution, enabling the bird’s nest housing industry to be genuinely sustainable.

This research project was part of a larger integrated research project titled “Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation Management to Upgrade the Bird’s Nest Business in Thailand during the Covid-19 Pandemic for Economic Revival,” which was led by Asst. Prof. Piyachat Suongtee of Walailak University’s School of Languages and General Education and supervised by Kasem Chandam, a senior researcher in southern Thailand. The National Research Office (NRCT) sponsored this integrated research initiative in 2020.

Tassana Nualsomsri is a lecturer at the School of Political Science and Laws’ Political Science Program. He specializes in Indonesian Studies, particularly contemporary politics, as well as ASEAN comparative politics. He has conducted research on Indonesian local politics, cultural politics, and the connection between politics, violence, and youth in Indonesia.

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