On 6/9/2021, the School of Political Sciences and Law held a special discussion with a special guest speaker for our students studying POS-368 and POS-64-444 subject on China’s Foreign Policy in post-World War 2 as part of active learning activity for students in semester 1/2021. The School of Political Sciences and Law had an honor to welcome our distinguished guest Mr. Issac C. C. Hsieh, the Director of Political Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office to join our session and provide an insight presentation on the topic “China’s Foreign Policy from a Taiwanese perspective”. The event, held online via MS Team platform, gave our students a hands-on opportunity to learn from professional diplomats with decade long experiences working in the field of international relations with China.

          Ms. Bongkot, one of our third-year students in the class, shared her feeling about the activity: “We had a great time during the session with our guest speaker in which we also had a chance to raise questions and exchange ideas with our guest speaker about different issues in English so we can also pratice English skills as well. As one of students joining the session, I myself feel really happy to have this discussion with Mr. Issac who has direct working experiences in the related topics so I can better understand the China’s Foreign Policy from different perspectives.

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